204. Tsavo Neal on how to get more clients through your website with SEO

Do you focus much on optimizing your website for search engines? 

Personally, I don’t really do much beyond the basic best practices. My strategy has been more focused on email, social media, and Golden Goose tactics to build awareness for what I do.

But a part of me feels like I’m missing out—especially as I begin to sell knowledge products to a large potential audience.

That’s why I wanted to talk to Tsavo Neal about how he approaches his marketing and business model. Tsavo gets almost all of his clients and customers through search engine optimization. 

It just so happens, he teaches other consultants how to do the same. Which made this episode packed with value.

In this episode of Mindshare Radio, Tsavo and I unpack:
  • How he decided to niche down on helping consultants attract clients through their website
  • A breakdown of his business model comprised of do-it-yourself and done-with-you offerings
  • How raised the price of his course from $197 to $497 without losing deterring new customers
  • His thoughts on evergreen vs. launch-based (open vs. closed-cart) access to his course
  • How he sells $5-6k in digital products each month relying almost exclusively on SEO
  • A walkthrough of his done-with-you SEO service and how he designed the program
  • A deep-dive walkthrough of his SEO process, including research, outlining, writing, editing, publishing, and distribution
  • How he chooses keywords to write articles for based on competitiveness and difficulty
  • How he’s applying these same skills and techniques to rank and monetize a website in the Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu niche 
  • And a lot more!
If you've ever thought you might want to get your website ranking better for search engines, get your pencil ready because this episode will show you how.

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P.S. Want a deeper-dive training on how to do exactly this process? Tsavo shared an over-the-shoulder view for Mindshare members last month on how he does it. Sign up to get access to that plus a library of other training, group coaching, a private Slack community and more. Learn more about Mindshare → 

204. Tsavo Neal on how to get more clients through your website with SEO
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