A podcast helping independent marketers build a more profitable practice selling expertise—not just execution.

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206. Building an expertise business around a proprietary framework with Billy Broas

Do you have a proprietary framework or methodology you can build an entire business around?I recently recorded a podcast with Billy Broas, a copywriter, advisor, and e...

205. How to Sell Advice and AdvisoryWork.com—Mindshare is rebranding!

I recently decided to rebrand the Mindshare franchise (can I call it that?).Listen in for all the details!—kw

204. Tsavo Neal on how to get more clients through your website with SEO

Do you focus much on optimizing your website for search engines? Personally, I don’t really do much beyond the basic best practices. My strategy has been more focused ...

203. Mark Evans on the unique challenges and methodologies of fractional CMO and advisory work

A few weeks ago, I invited Mindshare member and long-time marketing consultant, Mark Evans, to talk shop with me about the business of marketing consulting and fractio...

202. The highest leverage thing you can do in your freelance or consulting practice

The other day, I replied to a Twitter friend's (@RodBurkert) open question:My question: What is the 'right next best thing' you should do to create the biggest leverag...

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