A podcast helping independent marketers build a more profitable practice selling expertise—not just execution.

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208. Brad Hussey on evolving from web designer to creator/educator

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Brad Hussey—a former web designer turned creator, educator, and community builder.In this episode, we talk about things li...

207. Reuben Swartz on the mindsets and strategies of successful selling

The other week, I chatted with former software consultant turned CRM SaaS owner, Reuben Swartz about how to do sales in a way that doesn't feel like selling and instea...

206. Building an expertise business around a proprietary framework with Billy Broas

Do you have a proprietary framework or methodology you can build an entire business around?I recently recorded a podcast with Billy Broas, a copywriter, advisor, and e...

205. How to Sell Advice and AdvisoryWork.com—Mindshare is rebranding!

I recently decided to rebrand the Mindshare franchise (can I call it that?).Listen in for all the details!—kw

204. Tsavo Neal on how to get more clients through your website with SEO

Do you focus much on optimizing your website for search engines? Personally, I don’t really do much beyond the basic best practices. My strategy has been more focused ...

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